Chiller Analysis

Deciding what action to take with aging chillers often raises complex questions. Alternatives include: no action, contain, convert, or replace. Economic analysis provides the financial benefits and liabilities of each option and offer strategies for companies to use in their approach to this decision-making process.

Refrigerant Management

Today, the worst action is no action. Understanding regulatory requirements and developing a refrigerant management plan is absolutely necessary to successfully manage this regulated asset and reduce a facility's exposure to financial liability. Confidential and comprehensive interviews, facility audits, compliance plans, checklists and risk reduction measures are provided to manage refrigerant use and reduce liability and possibility of financial penalties.
Facility Management: Information & Documentation Management

A comprehensive facility survey is performed to collect and organize facility information. Typical information collected includes equipment data and age, building architectural and engineering plans, construction information and materials, utility data and emergency contacts. Equipment and facility information data can be linked directly to the equipment designations and locations on the architectural and engineering plans.
Energy Analysis

Facility energy use and costs are analyzed to determine where areas of inefficiency occur and provide solutions for savings.

Utility Rate Analysis

Now that energy markets across the nation are becoming deregulated, utilities have become focussed on ways to increase their revenue to become more profitable. Regardless of what utilities say publicly, most are no longer interested in whether their customers are on the best rate.

To assist companies, facility energy rates are analyzed to determine which locally available utility company and which available utility rate is the most cost effective for a particular facility. Actual rate equations from the utilities are used to calculate the various rate scenarios for the comparisons.
Engineering Design

Partnerships with expert engineering firms are used to provide a coordinated multi-discipline project team that is tailored to each specific project type, client and location.

  • Grading design
  • Road layout & design

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Various HVAC options are analyzed and projected into the future to determine estimated utility and maintenance cost benefits to a business facility.
Site / Civil
Fire Protection
Site / Civil
Fire Protection
Indoor Air Quality

Condensation and Mold

Investigations to determine sources of condensation and mold in a facility are provided with suggested solutions for their elimination.

Roof & Wall Water Leak Evaluation

HVAC troubleshooting is provided for problems such as insufficient heating or cooling, inadequate airflow, high operating costs and poor comfort.

HVAC System Operation

Roof and wall water leaks are investigated to determine the source(s) with suggested plans and details to eliminate future recurrences.

Roof Inspections & Evaluations

A Comprehensive inspection and written report is provided to document worn and damaged roof and parapet areas due to weather or installation practices and details.